Welcome to the Hampson Lab Image Classification Survey

Please read the following instructions and then click the "Take The Survey" button below.

You will be presented with a page with 25 rows of images on the left and options to the right that can be used to describe the image. Please select as many options that you think describe the image. After you describe each image please click the "Submit Survey" button at the bottom of the list of images.

Once you have submitted the survey you will be directed to a page stating your survey has been processed. From that page you may elect to take another survey where you will be directed back to this page.

All data is collected anonymously. No personal identification information is logged or recorded by this survey.

Instructions and Example:

For each image that you are asked to classify, you will see the following:

Is this picture an:

Outline   Silhouette   Cartoon   Abstract   Natural Scene

Is this picture in:

Black and White   Color

If color, which color(s) are most noticeable:

Red  Orange  Yellow  Green  Blue  Purple  Rainbow

Do you see any of the following?:

Activity  Animal  Artifact  Building  Face  Food  Geometric Shape
Human  Landscape  Language  Plant  Product Logo  Symbol  Tool  Vehicle


Question #1: Choose one. Outline = a line drawing with little or no color fill; Silhouette = a black and white shadow suggesting a picture without showing details;
Cartoon = an animation or drawing; Abstract = pictures that are hard to define or do not depict a real object; Natural Scene = photographic or extremely realistic picture.

Question #2: Choose one. Black and white = monochromatic or not necessarily black vs. white (i.e. sepia tones or grayscales); Color = any color combinations.

Question #3: Pick as many as apply (or leave blank if none). Select closest match to colors that are prominent in the picture. Rainbow = color scales or bright multiple colors.

Question #4: Pick as many as apply (or leave blank if none). Activity = pictures depicting work, leisure, sports; Animal = any nonhuman creature, including insects;
Artifact = an object or device artificially formed or manufactured; Building = any contructed office, workplace, habitation, or dwelling;
Face = any features suggestive of a human face (e.g. humans with visible facial features, animal faces, or Jack-O-Lanterns); Food = edible foodstuffs or products;
Geometric Shapes = prominent squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.; Human = drawn or photgraphed human figures or features;
Landscape = scenes with plants, rock formations, streams, mountains, trees, sky, etc.; Language = Written words or symbols;
Plant = natural growth including prominent tress, bushes, grass, flowers; Product Logo = shapes or diagrams suggestive of commercial signs;
Symbol = any drawn or written object which represents language or meaning; Tool = any device used for performing work or tasks;
Vehicle = any conveyance used for transport.


Images in this survey are from multiple sources and are used for non-commercial, research purposes.

Sources: Image-net.com, everystockphoto.com, Adobe.com stock clipart - used under creative commons license

Photo acknowledgements: Wolfgang Staudt and Scott Robinson (everystockphoto)